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Wrapping up Mockingjay

April 11, 2014

I’m headed to JordanCon this weekend where I hope to see Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, and Sam Flegal (he drew a zombie portrait of me once.  It was awesome!)  Pat is the writer guest of honor this year, which is pretty exciting.  I went last year and got to meet Seanan McGuire, who is one of my literary heroes.  I’m also in the art show again, so wish me luck on that.  I will have exciting pictures (if I remember to take any) on Monday when I come home.  But now, onto the end of Mockingjay.

mockingjayChapter 25
I was expecting the immediate reaction to seeing Prim die.  But instead, we get an opium dream and she’s back in a hospital.  This is not the emotional impact I was waiting for.
The description of the burn treatment is brief, but has caught my attention because I recently started another book called The Gargoyle.  Its protagonist is horribly burned and the book goes into loving (and nauseating) detail about the treatments he receives.  I can’t help but flash over to the horrible things he has to endure.
Katniss losing her voice is interesting, but I’m a little… jaded? about her injuries now.  It seems to mirror her temporary hearing loss in the first Arena.
Her mother is doing almost the opposite of what she did when Katniss’s father died.  She’s using work to numb the pain, rather than sinking into it.  Which seems to be what Katniss is leaning toward instead.
Unfortunately, there is no way or me to read the words “human torch” without immediately thinking of comic books.
Roses are almost never ominous in western mythology.  There’s Sleeping Beauty, of course, but that’s about it.
I like Paylor.  I hope she turns out to be one of the truly good guys.
Ah.  And Snow tells us that he didn’t actually send the parachutes.  Which tallies with what I thought at first, that Coin was the one who had Prim killed.
Gale’s traps.  Beetee’s traps.  Plutarch’s Games.  All brewed into a cauldron of hellfire.

Chapter 26
I wish her talk with Haymitch had gone better.  I like him even if he is drunk and abrasive.
Effie?!?  Except, why are her eyes vacant?  Ah, she was arrested too.  Poor Effie.
Katniss’s prep team is the only one left at all?  And all the stylists are dead.  With the implication that maybe the rebels killed some of them too.  These people just look better and better.
So, Gale at least semi-acknowledges that it might have been his and Beetee’s plan that killed Prim and all the other medics and children.
Coin wants to have a Hunger Games with Capitol children?  Of course she does.  And she wants the remaining victors to vote it into law because, coming from them, it might seem like justice rather than political maneuvering.
Why is Katniss voting yes?  I’m guessing there’s a plan and Haymtich is trusting her on it.
The moment where Katniss kills Coin instead should be dramatic, but I think I was expecting it.  Especially since she voted Yes for the Games.

Chapter 27
Why did they leave her alone to die or not if they were trying her in absentia?  Did they not care what happened to her?
Snow died at the same time.  Poetic, I suppose.
Paylor is the president.  That’s… satisfying I suppose.
And Katniss is “not guilty by reason of insanity.”  Will anyone know that Coin killed the children?
Katniss became her mother.
Poor Madge.  Although, maybe she was part of the rebellion all along.  Her pin started it all.
And that’s the emotional punch I’ve been waiting for.
And some very oblique sex to round things out.

I find it strange that her children are just “the girl” and “the boy.”  It feels very distancing.
The book sounds like an interesting project, but is it just for Katniss and her family?  Or is it bigger than that?
I’m surprised Gale survived actually.

Mockingjay chapters 22 –

April 9, 2014

mockingjayChapter 22
And once again, Katniss makes Snow look stupid.  Although, only to the people on the digging and hunting crews, but it’s enough.
Peeta’s connection to the things hunting her is interesting.  I wonder if it’s going to be further developed.
The pods are all fairly horrible.  It’s an interesting mind that can come up with these things.
Using the pods on the mutts is smart.
I feel almost like I should be keeping a count of the squad the way I did in the Arena.  We’ve lost five now.  Six if you count Leeg Two before Peeta arrived.
Dammit!  Finnick!  I knew he and Annie couldn’t be happy for long.
Is Gale’s gaping neck wound going to be a problem?  Because those usually don’t end well.
True love’s kiss?
And Katniss has now killed her first civilian.

Chapter 23
The fact that people are going about their business is very weird.  Although, I suppose it’s fairly typical of the Capitol.
The disguises can’t hold for long, but then, who would expect the Mockingjay to look like a Capitol citizen?
Furry… underwear?
So, you can go too far in the Capitol.  Tigris – did the name or the enhancements come first?
How odd that their erstwhile ally is fighting for the opposite reason as the rest of them.  She was banned from the Games that were the focus of her life.
As a side thought, I wonder where/how Caesar Flickerman is.
So, Gale’s injury is an issue.
She dreams of Effie.  I hope Effie is safe.  She was shallow and vapid, but she never hurt anyone.
Oh Katniss, confessing only to find out everyone already knew your dark secret.
“I don’t know why his voice reaches me when no one else’s can.”  Really, Katniss?  You don’t think maybe it’s because he’s the only one who really understands?  Haymitch was in the Games once.  Finnick and Joanna are the only other two who have had to go in twice.  And they knew there was a grand plan.  Only you and Peeta were flying blind.
It doesn’t surprise me that Katniss’s plan involves sacrificing herself.
Gale and Peeta bonding.  That’s strange, but then again, they understand each other in a way no one else can too.  Gale and Katniss have the woods and hunting.  Katniss and Peeta have the Games and Snow’s attention.  Gale and Peeta have Katniss.

Chapter 24
Surprise, Katniss hears Gale’s comment and immediately thinks the worst of it.  Not that I wouldn’t think the worst of something I’d overheard about myself too.  But, I’m not sure he meant it the way she’s taking it; that she’s calculating and cold.
The rebels are making progress, although it’s stunted by the time the broadcast goes out.  More people are fleeing into the heart of the Capitol.  I wonder if there’s a saturation point where Coin is willing to sacrifice the center of the city.
People are starting to seriously crack up in the Capitol and Peeta wants to be a diversion.  Lovely.
Gale is so sure Katniss can kill him.  And, of course, I think she could if it were down to her arrow or him in Snow’s hands.  Just like she was going to try to kill Peeta at the beginning of Catching Fire.
It seems right that one stylist helped set Katniss on this path and now another is helping her to the end of it.
The rebels are firing blindly into a crowd.  What lovely people.
And now it’s just mass panic and everyone shooting everyone else.  If you were going to get to this, why bother trying to preserve the Capitol?  Why not just stage an air raid?  And why hasn’t Snow used nukes?  Does he still think they can come out of this?
The Peacekeepers have Gale.  And she leaves him.  Granted, he tells her to, but that’s going to hurt both of them.
Oh.  He was telling her to shoot him.  But when she didn’t get it, he told her to go.  That’s terrible then.
Snow is using children as his human shield.  From who?  Does he think the rebels care?  That Coin cares?  Or is it to protect him from the Capitol refugees?
Did the Capitol actually just blow up the children or did Coin do it?
Ok, I’m guessing since the medics went in and that’s when the rest of the parachutes go off that it was actually the Capitol doing it.  And Prim.  Oh, Prim.  I knew it was coming, but I thought it would be off-screen.  Not her trying to help, trying to do what she’s best at.  That’s worse than I expected.  And yet, I’m not crying.  Maybe because I haven’t read the reaction chapter yet.


Three chapters and the Epilogue left to go.

Mockingjay Chapters 19 – 21

April 7, 2014

tigermanBefore I get into Mockingjay for today, I have to be really excited about something.  I got an ARC of Tigerman, which is Nick Harkaway’s next novel!  It comes out in July in the US and it’s brilliant.  I finished it Friday night and I can’t wait to tell you all about it a little closer to publication.  For a man with only three novels, Nick Harkaway is almost chameleon-like in his ability to immerse his reader in different stories.  Gone Away World was about a post-apocalyptic future as well as a biography of a soldier who grew up Before and survived into the After.  Angelmaker is part London gangster movie, and part steampunk, Cold War, spy movie.  And now, Tigerman is about a sergeant in the British army who is supposed to shepherd the island of Mancreu to its final destruction.  Some rather dodgy business practices on the part of a chemical plant have made the island a potential danger to the world ecosystem.  The best suggestion anyone has is to crack it open and rain fire down on the remains in the form of some very, very large bombs.
However, none of that is going to happen in the next few days, or weeks, or months.  And in the meantime, the people of Mancreu slowly contemplate leaving, and numerous shady business interests from around the world move into Mancreu’s extra-legal harbor to make deals, preform illegal surgeries, interrogate prisoners – anything you can’t do in the rest of the world because someone would notice and object.  Until the Fleet goes too far and someone on the island does object.
It’s beautiful and heartbreaking and I’ll tell you lots and lots more about it closer to when you can get your own hands on a copy!


mockingjayMockingjay – Part III
Chapter 19
I find it very interesting that Katniss is being so frank with Boggs.  But he seems to be on her side, or at least to be a decent person, unlike Coin.
Hmm, Coin wanted Peeta.  And theoretically, is worried that Katniss won’t support her.  Wouldn’t it make slightly more sense to suck up to Katniss rather than try to get her killed?
Oh Gale, death before… well, anything really.  You’re not Buffy, dude.  Death is not your gift.  So stop trying to give it to everyone!
Haymitch being to voice of reason again.  I like Haymitch.  I hope he comes out of this.  I also hope we find out about Effie, but it’s probably bad news.
I don’t enjoy Katniss being so hard on herself.  I don’t like her that much, but it’s like she’s got to beat herself up to prove she’s not a Mary Sue.  Just let the girl be strong if she needs to or weak if she needs to.  She doesn’t have to hate herself to be real.
I wonder if the midnight conversation will help Peeta at all.
So, the Avoxes from the Capitol apartments are dead.  And all to torture Peeta.  The Capitol just gets worse and worse.
Katniss takes the deaths on herself, Gale just wants to kill something even though he probably didn’t like the Peacekeeper who became and Avox and never actually knew the girl who got picked up in the woods.
Damnit!  Boggs!

Chapter 20
Boggs makes Katniss the new commander.  Because she’s closest or because he wants to give her the best chance to survive?
So, the Holo isn’t as helpful as it was supposed to be.  Mitchell is dead.  Peeta is having another incident.  Boggs knew what Katniss came to do and he told her not to trust anyone.  That’s… comforting.
Jackson is with Coin or with Boggs?
Katniss actually pulls off a lie and the squad is split between her and Jackson.  This could get interesting.
Cressida is lying to help Katniss.  Now isn’t that interesting?
Very smart, Katniss.  Going out in the wake of the wave. You’ve got no tracks and the goo set off most of the traps ahead of you.
It’s nice that the Capitol thinks they’re all dead.  But Katniss is right, everyone back in Thirteen must be going nuts.  Except Coin, of course.

Chapter 21
Peeta seeing himself have an incident seems to have broken some of the conditioning.
Why is Katniss not in her Mockingjay suit?  Especially if they were shooting a propo (which is a terrible name).
Why are people hoarding food in the Capitol?  Were they afraid of a rebellion happening?
Coin and Snow, both trying to use Katniss and her death.  Both hoping that she really is dead.
Peeta wants out so desperately.  Poor lad.  I care about him more now that he has flaws than I did in Catching Fire where he seemed too good to be true.  I think I don’t trust perfect seeming things.  Or people.
The tube into the maintenance areas gives another insight into the Capitol.  If you live in and apartment with tunnel access you just deal with the workers coming and going at need.  There’s no asking.  It just happens.  Also, people in the Capitol pay rent.  That’s something I don’t remember being mentioned in District Twelve.  And certainly not in Thirteen.
Pollux worked in the tunnels.  That’s handy.
There are still cargo trains running?  That seems odd.  Why haven’t the rebels disrupted them?
I would not do well in those tunnels.  I’m just claustrophobic enough to start freaking right out.
Katniss is thinking about Peeta’s memories.  The fake ones seem ‘shiny’ and, presumably, the real ones don’t.  I wonder why the doctors never picked up on it.  Maybe because they didn’t play Real/Not Real with him.
Who or what is in the tunnels with them?  Find out next time.  Same Bat-Time!  Same Bat-Channel!


Mockingjay Chapters 16 – 18

April 2, 2014

Back to Mockingjay.  I wish I had more images for these posts, but they don’t really have that many visuals that aren’t character specific.
fireAs an aside, I did finally see Catching Fire.  I actually didn’t like it as much as the first movie.  On the whole, I didn’t like the costume design very much with the exceptions of Katniss’s parade gown, the wedding dress, and Effie’s butterfly dress.  I also thought Effie’s wigs looked horrible.  Especially the gold one.  It just looked cheap and if there is one thing Effie Trinket is not, it’s cheap.  We had more side characters to deal with this time, which meant we spent less time on them and so I didn’t care as much.  My residual affection from the book carried over some, but the movie didn’t seem to give me that much to work with.  I also found the decision to make Mags mute very distracting.  I assume they didn’t want to have to come up with an effective and sensitive way to mimic post-stroke speech patterns, but I just spent a ton of time trying to remember the book.
I could go on, but I don’t think it’s really worth doing a detailed comparison.


mockingjayChapter 16
Well, I was right, it wasn’t the guy on the ground who shot her.
Hey, Johanna!  I like Johanna.
And Johanna is dancing around the edges of a morphling habit.  I can’t say I blame her.  She seems solid so far though.
Wait… Katniss didn’t get hit by the bullet?  She had her spleen out?  Should that hurt this much at this point?  I haven’t had abdominal surgery so I don’t know.
And, sad moment to remember Cinna.
Snerk.  Johanna doesn’t like Katniss mostly for the reasons I didn’t like Peeta so much in the last book.
Hey, Katniss just said something truly insightful.  Gale’s preemptive strike thinking is the same kind of thinking that helped develop the Hunger Games.  Good on you Katniss.
Finnick and Annie are getting married?  That’s… kind of creepy actually.  She keeps being referred to as “the mad girl.”  If she actually is insane then she has diminished capacity and can’t give informed consent.  I haven’t seen her enough to know exactly how impaired her thinking is, but I’m still icked out.  I trust Finnick not to hurt her, especially since he’s been abused, but still…
And District 13 just keeps getting creepier.  They don’t have any entertainment or holidays.  That’s just disturbing.  They have been hidden for almost seventy-five years.  There’s no reason they couldn’t have celebrations of some sort.  It all sounds like the stereotypical Soviet model.
Ok, and some of my anxiety is relieved.  She’s “less mad than unstable.”  Still not great, but better.
The dancing is a nice touch, although I was expecting Katniss to sing.
Peeta worked on the cake.  I think that’s lovely, but I’m not sure.
“He frosted under heavy guard.”  That’s kind of an awesome line.
Hmm… The reunion with Peeta.  It’s harsh and it’s ugly, but it’s also more honest.  Most people aren’t going to be so overwhelmed by their love interest that they’d tolerate the waffling that Katniss did.  This is not to say that Katniss was at fault.  She wasn’t cheating on either guy or anything like that.  But most people would get tired of waiting for a decision.  That Gale and Peeta never did seemed a little contrived.

Chapter 17
Now they’re not letting her go to the Capitol because… why?  Is it wrong that I’m assuming Coin is planning to use her like Snow used the victors?
I like the bonding moment with Johanna.
The training sounds not that bad, but I couldn’t do it.  (I’ve actually just started trying to exercise.  I did 2.5 miles today and it took me over 40 minutes.  I won’t be storming the Capitol anytime soon.)
Finnick and Annie seem happy.  That’s nice.
It’s also nice to see Delly back and taking an active part in Peeta’s recovery.  I’m still worried something bad is going to happen to her though.  I don’t see many nice people surviving this book.
Guess who’s coming to dinner.  So, angry Peeta.  And then Gale admitting that he kind of hated Katniss when she was kissing Peeta.  Not surprising, but more bitter than I expected, I guess.
Katniss’s self-esteem issues are cropping up again.
Why does Johanna seem to be afraid of water?  I’m guessing something that happened in the Capitol, because I don’t remember a reluctance about the water in the Arena.

Chapter 18
I’m glad Katniss got into a squad, but does it seem too easy?
The Capitol as the ultimate Arena.  It works.
The military haircut doesn’t make much sense to me at this juncture.  They didn’t trim anyone’s hair before going into the districts, so why now?  For uniformity?  Which is also going to make Katniss stand out as much as the officers of yesteryear with big-ass plumes in their helmets.
And Joanna’s fear of water is explained.
The bundle of pine needles makes me like Katniss a little more.
What a shock, they’re putting the squad with Finnick and Katniss behind the scenes and on-camera.
How did the rebels take the train tunnels so easily?  It seems like the Capitol would be able to seal those.  Or am I just thinking that because they sealed in the movie?
Also, why hasn’t the Capitol used the nuclear option?
Coin sent Peeta in?  Well, I already knew she was a terrible person, so that makes sense.  As does Katniss’s downgrading.

And so we come to the end of Part II.  I’m curious about how it all ends up, but I’m not significantly invested still.

Mockingjay Chapters 13 – 15

March 31, 2014

mockingjayMy finger is much better so I’m hoping to get back on a daily schedule.  It now just looks like I have two parallel papercuts, which is kind of disappointing.  I’m a believer in impressive scars or bruises.  If it hurt that much I want something to show for it!

Chapter 13
So, Peeta is hijacked.  That works, whatever it actually means.
Prim standing up for herself and for Katniss is endearing.
Peeta’s stylist and prep team were executed.  Not entirely unexpected, especially after Cinna.  But we don’t know what happened to Effie.  I wonder if we’re saving that for a later horror or if she managed to hide.
Beetee and Gale’s bombs… They’re playing on compassion.  I don’t assume most of the Capitol’s military forces have any compassion.  Which would indicate that they’re to be used against a civilian population.
And Gale just keeps going down in my estimation.
Delly seems nice.  I have to assume something horrible is going to happen to her because it’s that kind of book.
So, Peeta is convinced Katniss is a mutt.  I wonder if he thinks she’s always been one or just since the games.
Katniss goes to war.  I wonder how District Two will fare.

Chapter 14
District Two’s military is housed inside a mountain.  Anyone else getting flashes of Stargatge: SG1?
“It’s like kissing someone who’s drunk.  It doesn’t count.”  If it were rephrased as “it’s wrong” it would make me like him more.  But it isn’t.  So, its just interesting.
Gale is turning the Nut into a death trap.  And Boggs, interestingly enough, is the one who points out the risk of killing everyone.

Chapter 15
Yep, Gale doesn’t care if he kills people.  Even people that are related to or dear to his allies.  I really don’t like him.
Oh, great, Gales’s always been a terrible person.  Great taste, Katniss.  He’s said worse things than, “hey, let them suffocate and think about how much they deserve it for being closer to the Capitol?”  That’s… yeah, Gale’s kind of a monster at this point.  There’s not that much difference between him and Snow.  Only, Snow does things because he’s calculating.  Gale wants to kill people because he’s angry at everyone who hasn’t suffered the exact same thing that he has.
Katniss is remembering the mine accident that took her father and blaming her mother for being more worried about him than the kids.  I get that.  But, on the other hand, she knew that Katniss and Prim were safe.  The accident was at the mine, not the school, so of course her focus was on that.  I don’t know.  I’ve also never had kids, so I can’t really judge.
We’ve finally hit something I can totally identify with, Katniss missing her father.  The emotion still seems distant, but she’s also half in shock, so that’s appropriate.
Katniss’s speech is stirring.  And then she gets shot.  Although, I’m not yet sure it’s the boy on the ground who shoots her.


March 28, 2014

mockingjayFor those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook – I cut my pinkie finger pretty badly yesterday.  I’m fine and it was my fault for trying to rush a job without proper safety equipment.  (Always wear proper safety equipment!)  But, it’s making typing remarkably difficult.  You’d think that just a pinkie being out of commission wouldn’t throw me off this badly, but it does.  So this may be a short update depending on how long my patience holds out.

Part II
Chapter 10
Coin is too cool.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t think the Capitol will attack.  Someone in the Capitol just risked his life to warn you.  You take that seriously.
“Even the children don’t resist.”  I’m assuming the ominous wording here is deliberate.
How did I know Prim would go back for the cat?  Of course, I’d go back for the cat too.  I’ve long since resigned myself to the fact that I’d never survive a major disaster because I’d be trying to save my pets.  Also, I can’t outrun zombies.
Prim has grown up while Katniss wasn’t looking.
The notion that even after warning them about the attack Peeta won’t be killed is very scary.

Chapter 11
Of course everyone is excited about the cat.  I assume they’ve never had pets.
I like that we’re getting more of Finnick.  He wasn’t my favorite in Catching Fire, but I do like him.  And I still really don’t like Gale, so his nose being out of joint that Katniss is talking to Finnick doesn’t bother me one bit.
The roses are a nice touch.
And then Gale has to go and volunteer to get Peeta.  Hmm.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Chapter 12
As much as I’m sure I’d fall apart in the situation Katniss finds herself in, I absolutely agree with Finnick.  Having a definite end changes things.  Uncertainty and waiting can drive you crazy.  And there are times it’s better to know a loved one is gone rather than trapped in some sort of hellish limbo.
So, Snow whores out the victors.  Katniss’s life would have been hell if she’d simply won.
Hmm, Snow has sores in his mouth from poison.  They say.  I assumed consumption or stomach cancer.  I’m not sure why.
They got Joanna out!  Now to find out if she’ll be ok.
Gale is alive.
Annie is ok.  And slightly more aware, at lest of Finnick, than I’d expected.
Peeta’s alive… and trying to strangle Katniss?  Brainwashing maybe?  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Top 10 Tuesday – My Bookish Bucket List

March 25, 2014

top 10Hosted by: The Broke and the Bookish

I found this through a post by In Libris Veritas and thought it sounded like fun, so you get a little bonus update today.  Now, several things that were on my list have already been checked off - Meet Tamora PierceJonathan Maberry, Dan Wells, Seanan McGuire, and Mary Robinette Kowal.  Have a piece of my jewelry worn at the Hugo Awards (Thank you Mary Robinette Kowal!).  Have an industry professional critique some of my writing (thank you Stephanie Burgis!)  Have some of the aforementioned do signings at my bookstore.
But, I’m greedy, so there are plenty more.

comp book1.  Get published.
This has been a goal since I was… eight maybe?  I was writing Murder on the U.S.S. Something-or-other.   I’ve forgotten the exact title, but I was writing in pencil in a composition notebook and I felt very professional.  Sadly, that book was never finished because I discovered that I’m not very good at writing mysteries.  But the dream of actually creating a book that other people could hold in their hands started then.

squeecast-thumbnail2.  Be a guest on the SF Squeecast.
This has to come after #1 because all the people on the SF Squeecast are industry professionals.  And sadly, bookseller doesn’t count.  The Squeecast is one of my favorite podcasts, right up there with Writing Excuses and Welcome to Night Vale.  The Squeecast is “a Two-time Hugo Award winning monthly podcast in which a group of Science Fiction  and Fantasy professionals squee about things SFnal, in a neverending panel discussion of vague positivity.”
I like things.  I like talking.  I like all of the regular contributors. Now I just need to become a SF&F professional.  Soon.

angelmaker_nick-harkaway3.  Get an Angelmaker tattoo.
I am obsessed with this book.  And therefore I am obsessed with bees.  I have bee earrings, a bee nose ring, bee stationary, and an entire board devoted to Angelmaker and bees over on Pinterest.  The book has been out for two years and I’ve wanted the tattoo since I read it.  So, one of these days, I’ll actually get around to calling Aaron at Aerochild and setting up and appointment.  The tattoo will be of a clockwork bee.  It’s going to be awesome, and I’ll post a picture once I actually get it done.

LonCon 3

LonCon 3

4.  Go to Worldcon.
Worldcon is where they give out the Hugo Awards.  Now that a piece of my jewelry has gone I would like me to go too.  And, there just seems to be so many opportunities to meet authors.  I think it would be pretty awesome.  The problems with getting me to Worldcon are thus: 1) it’s Worldcon, which means it can take place anywhere in the world.  This year, it’s going to be in London.  I can’t really swing that.  However, next year, it’s going to be in Washington.  That’s doable.  On the other hand, 2) it’s always veeery close to DragonCon, if not the exact same weekend.  That’s a huge investment in terms of financial outlay and time off work.  But, someday I’ll get there.
I am going to the World Fantasy Convention this year in D.C.  So that’s awesome.

jonathan maberry5.  Have Jonathan Maberry do a book signing at Little Professor.
So, the problem with this is that we have a teeny, tiny budget for publicity.  By which I mean, we have what I’m willing to shell out of my own pocket.  So, it’s highly unlikely that his publisher will send him to us.  And he doesn’t really make it to Alabama much on his own.  He does get to DragonCon every year though, so I get to see him and say hi, which is lovely.  I’ve mostly stopped gushing.  Mostly.
On the other hand, I did get Dan Wells and Mary Robinette Kowal to come through the magic of… I don’t know.  Them being really, really nice I guess.  Mary brought herself and Dan managed to squeeze us into his Hollow City tour.  So, you never know.

6.  I want to grow my blog.
Which mostly means I need to get a regular update schedule and stick to it.  I’m bad at that sort of thing, but I owe it to my readers to do this thing right or knock it off.echo team

7.  I want Jonathan Maberry to make a tee shirt for his Cafepress store that says “Joe Ledger is my imaginary boyfriend.”
I’ve been asking for this for years now.  He always laughs and says, “Soon.”  I think he thinks I’m crazy.  I’m comfortable with that though.

8.  Have the biggest and best Star Wars Reads Day in the city.
I did a Star Wars Reads event at the Homewood Library last year and it went really well.  But I didn’t have any stormtroopers.  I want stormtroopers this year!  And maybe a Darth Vader.  Or, at least, I’d like to have my Amidala costume finished.  One of my friends is actually in the 501st Legion, but he’s not going to be able to make it.  So, I just need to make sure my request for costumers gets in before Barnes & Noble and Pottery Barn this year!

9.  I want to someday attend a convention as a professional.
This should probably be up with the Squeecast entry, but I’d really like to eventually be on the other side of the mic at conventions.  I like to talk.  I like to talk to people.  And, I don’t get stage fright, which is handy.  Maybe someday.


Gail Carriger, From the Sword and Laser website

Nick Harkaway Photo from the author's website

Nick Harkaway
Photo from the author’s website

10.  I’d like to meet Gail Carriger and Nick Harkaway.
These are the two authors I devote the most time and energy to that I haven’t met yet.  I’m (mostly) capable of not embarrassing myself in front of authors these days.  At least, I am if I know I’m about to meet them.  I can take some deep breaths and relax into the awesomeness of the moment.  So, I think I’d be safe.  I’d manage to say something nonsensical and then we’d be done.  Now I just have to figure out how to get to somewhere that said authors will be.  For Gail that seems to mean the west coast.  And for Mr. Harkaway, I guess I’ll have to go to England.  Darn.


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