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Crazy Math

February 2, 2013

proofI’m stage managing a production of Proof for South City Theater.  It’s a play about a woman whose father was a genius mathematician.  He revolutionized mathematics by the time he was 22.  Then he went crazy.  Catherine is struggling with his legacy and her own place in it.  It’s pretty awesome, although parts are disturbingly close to my own feelings about my parents… but I digress.  The actors are all great and I’m really excited about the show.  However, one of my jobs is to fill 24 composition books with crazyness.  So… I’m doing my best.  I don’t really know what to do.  Fill them in with numbers, copy passages from books, draw pictures?  I wrote out the first 1,000 prime numbers and I copied out pi to 2710 places.  If anyone has more ideas, please let me know!  Or if you have a favorite math… thingy.
If you’re in town you like live theater I recommend coming out!  The show runs Feb 21, 8:00pm to Feb 23, 8:00pm, Feb 28, 8:00pm to Mar 2, 8:00pm and one Matinee: Feb 24, 2:00pm.


My book quest continues apace.  I have, thus far, read 20 new books.  I just finished The Mouse With the Question Mark Tail by Richard Peck.  It’s pretty adorable.  The protagonist is a very small mouse who lives in the Royal Mews on the eve of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.  Our intrepid mouse protagonist knows very little about his background.  He was discovered as a tiny little mousekin and kept alive by warming under the stove in the Royal Kitchens.  He did not come conveniently labeled like a parcel.  His origins, and indeed, his very name, are shrouded in mystery.  He feels sure that the answer to his question is out there.  Perhaps Her Gracious Majesty could tell him the truth if only he could reach her?
One day, when he escapes from school in his smart blazer with its gold crest and is SEEN BY A HUMAN, he begins the adventure of his lifetime.  He will go further than a mouse has ever gone before.  And he will learn the ultimate truth, that for every human job there is a mouse doing it faster and better.

This was a very sweet book.  The advance copy I read did not have all of the art in it, but the pages that were available were beautiful.  Mouse Minor, as he is known in school, is very relatable.  We all question who we are and how we fit into the greater scheme of things.  One thing I really liked about this book is that it’s an adventure story in the most classic sense.  He sets out on an adventure.  There aren’t particularly villans.  It’s kind of awesome that in order to succeed he doesn’t have to beat some one else.  Not that I don’t like a good book where the hero defeats the villan and everything is awesome forever.  It’s just cool that Peck was able to write a story about friendship and courage and overcoming adversity.  No one really loses at the end of this book.  And that’s kind of refreshing.

LetterMo contiues.  They’ve gotten rather brilliant and added achievements!  I love getting achievements.

Parcel Post               These are mine so far!  Badges!  It’s like digital Girl Scouts!!!               The first letter!

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  1. February 2, 2013 6:30 pm

    Richard Peck is an excellent author. My whole family has enjoyed his books. Thanks for the post.

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