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April 18, 2013

seananSo, I’m writing this post a little early because I’ll actually be at JordanCon this weekend.  I’m leaving early Friday morning to get there in time to set up in the art show.  I’ll try to get pictures of everything I’m taking (unlike DragonCon last year, where I don’t have pictures of most of what I sold).   The main reason I’m going is to meet Seanan McGuire;  author, musician, and podcastor extraordinaire.

I ‘met’ Seanan at LepreCon 37, where she was the featured musical guest.  But she was also on a panel that I went to and she was really cool.  So I picked up her book in the dealer room and promptly forgot about it by the time I got home.  It wasn’t her; it was me.  I was too busy.  I was seeing other books.  I had costuming commitments.  I was sure it was a very nice book, but…
That phase lasted longer than I want to admit to.feed
Seanan was on the Sword & Laser podcast doing an author interview.  I remembered that Seanan was cool, so I sat down and  watched the interview.  She talked about her alter ego, Mira Grant.  Mira Grant writes medically based horror.  Mira Grant writes about zombies!  Mira Grant is my new best friend.  Ok, so she’s not, she’s a pen-name for an author who doesn’t know me, but I spent a quality weekend with the ~2000 pages of the Newsflesh trilogy and its assorted novellas.  I’ve talked about the books before.  I even picked the final book, Blackout as one of my Top 10 Books for 2012.  They’re amazing.
After I read those I started to devour all things Seanan.  And, I got an extra-special bonus!  Mary Robinette Kowal READS THE OCTOBER DAYE NOVELS!!!
So, that was many, many Audible credits down the rabbit hole.

Seanan has a new series (book 2 just came out a few weeks ago) called the InCryptid series.  The protagonist is a xenobiologist by night and a professional ballroom dancer by day.  They’re amazing.  There is an attractive boy who belongs to a secret society pledged to wipe out all of the cryptids and, incidentally, Verity’s entire family.  They date.  It’s a thing.  I may give this series extra love because there’s a recurring side character named Carol who is a gorgon.  And, as we all know from the name of my blog, I have a thing about Medusa.
I’m in the middle of listening to book 2, Midnight Blue-Light Special, and it’s amazing too.
Did I mention the talking, highly religious mice that worship her family?  It’s like Disney on really, really good drugs.

There is also the SF Squeecast.  It’s an approximately hour-long, approximatley monthly podcast wherein sci-fi professionals squee about things that make me happy.  It’s what got me to buy the pilot of Mockingbird Lane, which I loved.  And I’m sad there isn’t anymore.  But I’m really happy I watched what there was.  Seanan is one of the main Squeecasters along with Lynne Thomas, Cat Valente, Elizabeth Bear, and Paul Cornell.  This podcast is well worth your time!  One of my goals in life is to get published so I can be a guest on the SF Squeecast.  Also, to be published, but the SF Squeecast thing is a pretty big part of that.


So folks, that is where I shall be this weekend.  I’ll try to bring back pictures from JordanCon.  Especially if I can get Brandon Sanderson to sign the book that Dan Wells defaced when he came to the store.  That should be fun.  And please, do yourselves a favor, go read something from Seanan McGuire.  Especially, if you can get your hands on it, her Hugo-nominated short story, Rat-Catcher.  It’s so good!  Seanan is nominated for five Hugos this year, so you should have some confidence that I’m not steering you wrong on this one.

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  1. April 19, 2013 2:14 pm

    *is crazy jealous* What have you heard about her (McGuire as Grant) new book, Parasite?

    Also, the phrase “Disney on really, really good drugs” may have convinced me to check InCryptid series out…

    • April 22, 2013 11:04 am

      Seanan talked about Parasite a little this weekend. Apparently, for research she actually got a tape worm. She named him Timmy and he lived with her for 8 months until she took the meds to make him go away. The book sounds fascinating. I probably won’t manage to get my hands on an advance copy, sadly.


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