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Crowdsource Some Magic

May 8, 2013

thornsAuthor Emma Newman is charming.  And she writes nifty books.  And she’s trying to crowd source the fantasy trope of three wishes.  Here is an Audioboo where she talks about it.  How cool is that?
Granted, some of the wishes will be out of normal hands to grant, heck, mine aren’t going to be the kind of thing you can take care of at the corner store, but still… What if someone could make your dreams a reality?  And all it costs you is saying them out loud?  In public?  On the internet?
Ok, so that part is really scary.  The internet can be mean.  But it can also be awesome.  And, let’s face it, this blog doesn’t really get enough traffic to get trolled, so here goes!

My wishes are:

1.  To have a piece of my jewelry worn at a big event like the Hugo Awards dinner or the Academy Awards.  (Yeah, that first one would be cooler to me than the second.)

I’m going to be reasonable here.  I really want to say, to get a novel published.  But, what I’m going to say is:
2.  To finish working on a novel and actually get feedback from an industry professional – agent, editor, or previously published author.  (I’m actually semi-close to this one.  The Wells Brothers (Dan and Rob) and their friend Marion Jensen have a Kickstarter project going right now.  If it gets funded Rob Wells will critique 50 pages of my novel!  Yes, I’m buying a wish, but only if the Kickstarter gets funded.)

3.  To someday be enough of an Industry Professional to be a guest on the SF Squeecast.  (Granted, for this one to happen #2 kind of needs to happen first, but there are other paths to becoming a professional.  Sort of.)



I have lots of other wishes that involve meeting authors, but I didn’t put them down here because I do go to conventions and twitter is magical already, so lots of those wishes are coming true at an astounding rate.  I got to meet Seanan McGuire, Alex Bledsoe, and Brandon Sanderson at JordanCon.

I’ll meet Mary Robinette Kowal later this year when she comes to do a signing at Little Professor (It’s September 14.  You should come.  It’s also going to be my birthday party.  So you should really come!  There will be cake!)

I’ve met Dan Wells and Jonathan Maberry thanks to DragonCon.  Now, I just need to meet Emma Newman herself and Stephanie Burgis.  And Paul Cornell.  And Nick Harkaway.  (All of these people are across the pond, which makes it more difficult, but I have faith in my own ingenuity and my Virgin Atlantic points to make it happen someday.)
Twitter really has been amazing when it comes to connecting with authors.  If you have someone you admire, shoot them a tweet.  They’re fairly likely to at least say “Thank you” and that can give you a little glow all day.


“These three wishes are part of a wish-making community organized by author Emma Newman to celebrate the release of the second Split Worlds novel “Any Other Name”. Can you make any of them come true? Come and see what other people are wishing for and find out how to join in at – who know, perhaps someone could make one of your wishes come true.”


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  1. May 9, 2013 11:25 am

    As it happens, I’ll be going to the Hugo ceremony… If I send you a picture of The Dress, do you think you might have something I could wear?


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