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Bout of Books 7.0-Eve

May 12, 2013

boutSo, Bout of Books 7.0 starts in just under an hour.  I’m hoping to read between 5 and 10 books this week.

I’m also running a challenge on Tuesday.  Prizes will include some awesome ARCs I’ve got from my publisher reps.  I’d tell you exactly which ones tonight, but I’ve got a whole new load coming in tomorrow.  These are seriously hot-off-the-presses advance copies, so I wanted to wait before I announced the prizes.  The contest will be open to international participants!  I won’t give out all the details yet, but start looking through your music library!

In other book related news, John Scalzi will be in my general area at the end of the month.  He will be signing at Eagle Eye in Decatur, GA.  That’s probably 3 hours each way… That’s doable, right?  The boy-nugget says no, but I’ve done crazier things.  And, unlike when I missed Dan Wells at Peerless in Alpharetta, I’ve never met John Scalzi.  So, it would be a new experience.  And I love those!

Ok, I’ve got right around 45 minutes before the read-a-thon begins.  I’m going to go raid my to-read shelves (there are five or six of them) for a book to start!  I’ll report back in the morning.

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