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What to Read #4

November 6, 2013

theoToday I want to recommend one of my favorite middle grade series – the Theodosia Throckmorton series by R.L. LaFevers.
Theodosia is a young girl in Victorian London.  Her father runs the Museum of Legends and Antiquities while her mother goes on acquisition trips to find more artifacts to display.  She also has a brother, who is a pill, and a grandmother, who is a terror.  Fine, ok.  All of this sounds lovely.  But why is it special?  I’m so glad you asked.
Theodosia can see magic, specifically dark magic.  As you can imagine, in a museum of legends and antiquities many of the displays are cursed.  Theodosia has a responsibility to public safety to diffuse as many of the curses as possible, before bedtime.  All of this is further complicated in the first book when her mother arrives home, triumphant, with the Heart of Egypt, a beautiful scarab amulet.
Needless to say, the amulet is of great interest to a number of not so benevolent parties and Theo seems to be the only one who has noticed.  Countless other young heroes and heroines have faced the question of “how do you save the world when you’ve got a strict bedtime?”  Theodosia takes her place a midst other great characters like Matilda, Harry Potter, Enola Holmes, or the children of The Egypt Game as one of the great personalities of children’s literature.  I highly recommend this series, especially if you have any interest in Egyptology.

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