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The Hunger Games Chapters 7-9

February 13, 2014


IMG_5349We’re having another snowpocalypse in the south right now, but this time, everyone (as far as I know) was home safe before the treacherous, yet beautiful flakes started to fly.  I’m still waiting to hear if we’ve got school tomorrow or not.  I think it’s supposed to all melt of by 10:00 or so.  Yay library day!

In the meantime, have some blurry pictures of my pets in the snow!  They have nothing to do with The Hunger Games, but they’re cute.

Chapter 7
Ok… the antagonistic love-fest at the beginning of this chapter is a little weird.  Peeta is talking up trainingKatniss, who gets mad that he’s not bragging about his own skills?  Also, Peeta’s mom sucks.
This is one of those places where I can’t quite keep the ambient knowledge of the movie from sifting into my experience of reading the book.  Katniss’s training outfit on the first day is described as “tight black pants, a long-sleeved burgundy tunic, and leather shoes.”  Add to that, she and Peeta are the only two tributes dressed alike.  That’s a very different vibe from the movie where everyone is wearing identical workout gear.
I’ve just met Rue.  This is one of those times where foreknowledge is good, because I know what’s going to happen to her I can start prepping myself for it now.  Because otherwise, I don’t think I’d be able to get through the inevitable.
Ok… that was an awesome ending.  Although, I kind of wish she’d actually shot one of the gamekeepers, who sound very silly in their purple robes.  I’m picturing lots of fat, evil, Albus Dumbledores.

This is my family I found it all on my ownChapter 8
I like the structure of this chapter, the weird little family being built around District 12 and how they manage to cheer Katniss up.  The score wasn’t a particular surprise.  I assumed that she’d end up getting a high one after her burst o temper.  The story just works better that way.
Then we reflect on Gale and his place in her other family.
The ending of this chapter… I don’t know.  It just didn’t have the emotional impact for me I feel like it was supposed to, maybe because I don’t have Katniss’s deep distrust for everyone (except her stylists, apparently).  I’m not immediately jumping from Peeta requested to be trained separately to BETRAYAL!   I don’t know how much of that is because I know the broad strokes of where this is all going (I’ve seen the trailers for Catching Fire, I know who makes it out) or if it’s just because I find Katniss slightly off-putting.

The Hunger Games: Tribute GuideChapter 9
Well, I’m glad that Haymitch also thinks Katniss comes across as “sullen and hostile.”
The dress sounds amazing.  I went and looked at the youtubes again for the movie version… yeah, I’m not impressed.  Or, rather, it’s a beautiful dress with some cool effects, but it’s not as awesome as the one described in the book.  Granted, it probably couldn’t be since if you actually put her in a jeweled dress on-screen she’d just look like a Vegas showgirl.  The hair was also not as awesome as the version in the book, by maybe I think that since I have long hair and I like braiding things into it.
Ok, I’m actually chuckling during the interview portion when she teases the Gamekeepers.  So that’s good.  I’m not sure I buy the giggle though.
Peeta’s interview sounds great.  And… oh.  With the crush.  Yeah.  So, is that a strategy or is it real?  I’m pretty sure Katniss is going to think it’s a ploy, but I’m leaning on the side of truth here.  A) because he knows too much about her and B) I know there’s a love triangle, so it just makes sense that he’s being honest.
I will say, this is the first night I’ve actually wanted to keep reading, so good on you Susanne Collins.

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