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The Hunger Games Chapters 19-21

February 17, 2014

I’m in Part 3 now.  It’s amazing how conveniently all the section breaks have fallen just at my pre-determined stopping points.  I got a dinner invitation last night because one of my friends wanted to talk about The Hunger Games after reading my posts.  So, yay for free food!  I’m having a very different reading experience than he did since I’m spacing things out and analyzing all the chapters for things to say.  He, like most readers, whipped through the entire trilogy pretty fast, so things that are kind of nagging me got resolved for him within a day or two.  I’m enjoying myself though, taking my time and looking at everything closely.

Chapter 19

The actual rock camo from the movie was pretty goofy looking

The actual rock camo from the movie was pretty goofy looking

Ok, dealing with the aftermath of the Gamekeepers’ announcement.  I find it interesting that there aren’t any other tributes looking for her right now.  Does that seem reasonable?  I mean, the Careers are already teamed up, although that alliance may fracture now that it can be two on one.
“You here to finish me off, sweetheart?”  Interesting that Peeta is reverting to sarcasm and Haymitch’s term of “endearment.”
I kind of love that she nearly stepped on him.
The scene with the medical care was… not pretty.
One kiss = a pot of soup.  Gee, thanks Haymitch.
Does Peeta think the affection is real?

Chapter 20
Peeta grabbing her hand and kissing it…  That’s a really intimate gesture.  I don’t necessarily mean in the book, just, in general.  It’s one of those things that’s always gotten to me.
She keeps referring to her “loaded bow.”  Um… I’m really not sure how that works.  Does she have an arrow nocked all the time?  Because that’s pretty awkward and also hard to grab from the floor and pull up to fire quickly.
I’ve made sun tea before but never sun stew.

nanny goat by batswirl

nanny goat by batswirl

I like the story about the goat.  But it also shows that Katniss doesn’t have an entirely clear view of her family.  She still hates her mother for the depression she shook off years ago.  She thinks of her mother and sister as desperately needing her.  And they do, but they’ve also got skills and resources of their own now.  Yes, Katniss made those possible, but they’re stronger than she thinks they are. (Side note – I really want a pygmy goat, but the bylaws of the city I live in don’t allow them.)
Drugging your ally?  I suppose it really is the only solution, but still…

Chapter 21
So, I’m confused about how the cameras work apparently.  I guess I’ll just assume that there are cameras everywhere, except earlier Katniss said something about the trees giving her enough cover, so how are the cameras seeing inside the cave?
I kind of like Foxface at this point.  I’m hoping Cato or Thrash get her so I don’t have to watch Katniss kill her.
Clove, it never pays to be all crazypants when you’ve finally gone in for the kill.  Haven’t you read the Evil Overlord List?  I’m pretty sure there’s  a point about excessive monologuing.
And then there were five.
lunaSo, even though we never saw them interact, Thrash seems to have cared at least a little about Rue.  That makes me happy, but also sad.  And I’m still saying a story where Thrash and Rue survived would be awesome!
Cato seems to have actually cared about Clove too.  Hmm.
Not sure what the  moth is, but it sounds pretty.  I’ve decided it’s a luna moth.

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  1. February 19, 2014 11:26 pm

    While I love some sun tea, I am finding sun stew a little suspect. Oh, I also want a pygmy goat. Lol. They’re just so gosh darned cute and goats are generally fun animals. I grew up on a farm so I have an affinity for farm animals. Heh.

    • February 19, 2014 11:28 pm

      I grew up in the suburbs, but I read a ton of Laura Ingles Wilder books, so I always wanted to live on a farm. Also, my back yard is very much like a jungle and I think a goat would totally help with that! ^.^ Plus, I’m weird enough to want to be the lady walking her goat at the park. I used to take my ferrets for walks when I had them.

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