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Mockingjay Chapters 13 – 15

March 31, 2014

mockingjayMy finger is much better so I’m hoping to get back on a daily schedule.  It now just looks like I have two parallel papercuts, which is kind of disappointing.  I’m a believer in impressive scars or bruises.  If it hurt that much I want something to show for it!

Chapter 13
So, Peeta is hijacked.  That works, whatever it actually means.
Prim standing up for herself and for Katniss is endearing.
Peeta’s stylist and prep team were executed.  Not entirely unexpected, especially after Cinna.  But we don’t know what happened to Effie.  I wonder if we’re saving that for a later horror or if she managed to hide.
Beetee and Gale’s bombs… They’re playing on compassion.  I don’t assume most of the Capitol’s military forces have any compassion.  Which would indicate that they’re to be used against a civilian population.
And Gale just keeps going down in my estimation.
Delly seems nice.  I have to assume something horrible is going to happen to her because it’s that kind of book.
So, Peeta is convinced Katniss is a mutt.  I wonder if he thinks she’s always been one or just since the games.
Katniss goes to war.  I wonder how District Two will fare.

Chapter 14
District Two’s military is housed inside a mountain.  Anyone else getting flashes of Stargatge: SG1?
“It’s like kissing someone who’s drunk.  It doesn’t count.”  If it were rephrased as “it’s wrong” it would make me like him more.  But it isn’t.  So, its just interesting.
Gale is turning the Nut into a death trap.  And Boggs, interestingly enough, is the one who points out the risk of killing everyone.

Chapter 15
Yep, Gale doesn’t care if he kills people.  Even people that are related to or dear to his allies.  I really don’t like him.
Oh, great, Gales’s always been a terrible person.  Great taste, Katniss.  He’s said worse things than, “hey, let them suffocate and think about how much they deserve it for being closer to the Capitol?”  That’s… yeah, Gale’s kind of a monster at this point.  There’s not that much difference between him and Snow.  Only, Snow does things because he’s calculating.  Gale wants to kill people because he’s angry at everyone who hasn’t suffered the exact same thing that he has.
Katniss is remembering the mine accident that took her father and blaming her mother for being more worried about him than the kids.  I get that.  But, on the other hand, she knew that Katniss and Prim were safe.  The accident was at the mine, not the school, so of course her focus was on that.  I don’t know.  I’ve also never had kids, so I can’t really judge.
We’ve finally hit something I can totally identify with, Katniss missing her father.  The emotion still seems distant, but she’s also half in shock, so that’s appropriate.
Katniss’s speech is stirring.  And then she gets shot.  Although, I’m not yet sure it’s the boy on the ground who shoots her.

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