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Mockingjay chapters 22 –

April 9, 2014

mockingjayChapter 22
And once again, Katniss makes Snow look stupid.  Although, only to the people on the digging and hunting crews, but it’s enough.
Peeta’s connection to the things hunting her is interesting.  I wonder if it’s going to be further developed.
The pods are all fairly horrible.  It’s an interesting mind that can come up with these things.
Using the pods on the mutts is smart.
I feel almost like I should be keeping a count of the squad the way I did in the Arena.  We’ve lost five now.  Six if you count Leeg Two before Peeta arrived.
Dammit!  Finnick!  I knew he and Annie couldn’t be happy for long.
Is Gale’s gaping neck wound going to be a problem?  Because those usually don’t end well.
True love’s kiss?
And Katniss has now killed her first civilian.

Chapter 23
The fact that people are going about their business is very weird.  Although, I suppose it’s fairly typical of the Capitol.
The disguises can’t hold for long, but then, who would expect the Mockingjay to look like a Capitol citizen?
Furry… underwear?
So, you can go too far in the Capitol.  Tigris – did the name or the enhancements come first?
How odd that their erstwhile ally is fighting for the opposite reason as the rest of them.  She was banned from the Games that were the focus of her life.
As a side thought, I wonder where/how Caesar Flickerman is.
So, Gale’s injury is an issue.
She dreams of Effie.  I hope Effie is safe.  She was shallow and vapid, but she never hurt anyone.
Oh Katniss, confessing only to find out everyone already knew your dark secret.
“I don’t know why his voice reaches me when no one else’s can.”  Really, Katniss?  You don’t think maybe it’s because he’s the only one who really understands?  Haymitch was in the Games once.  Finnick and Joanna are the only other two who have had to go in twice.  And they knew there was a grand plan.  Only you and Peeta were flying blind.
It doesn’t surprise me that Katniss’s plan involves sacrificing herself.
Gale and Peeta bonding.  That’s strange, but then again, they understand each other in a way no one else can too.  Gale and Katniss have the woods and hunting.  Katniss and Peeta have the Games and Snow’s attention.  Gale and Peeta have Katniss.

Chapter 24
Surprise, Katniss hears Gale’s comment and immediately thinks the worst of it.  Not that I wouldn’t think the worst of something I’d overheard about myself too.  But, I’m not sure he meant it the way she’s taking it; that she’s calculating and cold.
The rebels are making progress, although it’s stunted by the time the broadcast goes out.  More people are fleeing into the heart of the Capitol.  I wonder if there’s a saturation point where Coin is willing to sacrifice the center of the city.
People are starting to seriously crack up in the Capitol and Peeta wants to be a diversion.  Lovely.
Gale is so sure Katniss can kill him.  And, of course, I think she could if it were down to her arrow or him in Snow’s hands.  Just like she was going to try to kill Peeta at the beginning of Catching Fire.
It seems right that one stylist helped set Katniss on this path and now another is helping her to the end of it.
The rebels are firing blindly into a crowd.  What lovely people.
And now it’s just mass panic and everyone shooting everyone else.  If you were going to get to this, why bother trying to preserve the Capitol?  Why not just stage an air raid?  And why hasn’t Snow used nukes?  Does he still think they can come out of this?
The Peacekeepers have Gale.  And she leaves him.  Granted, he tells her to, but that’s going to hurt both of them.
Oh.  He was telling her to shoot him.  But when she didn’t get it, he told her to go.  That’s terrible then.
Snow is using children as his human shield.  From who?  Does he think the rebels care?  That Coin cares?  Or is it to protect him from the Capitol refugees?
Did the Capitol actually just blow up the children or did Coin do it?
Ok, I’m guessing since the medics went in and that’s when the rest of the parachutes go off that it was actually the Capitol doing it.  And Prim.  Oh, Prim.  I knew it was coming, but I thought it would be off-screen.  Not her trying to help, trying to do what she’s best at.  That’s worse than I expected.  And yet, I’m not crying.  Maybe because I haven’t read the reaction chapter yet.


Three chapters and the Epilogue left to go.

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