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Do You Wanna Build a Book Fort?

September 25, 2014
Art by Lauren/iguanamouth on tumblr.  Prints available here:

Art by Lauren/iguanamouth on tumblr.
Prints available here:

I have a book buying problem. I also have a book receiving problem. That happens when you work in a bookstore. The publishers send you advance copies of books. You get a discount on books you purchase from the store. You hear about or see books you might not otherwise have known about. So, instead of having a manageable “To-Be-Read” pile I have a small mountain. (There are 452 books in my to-read folder on Goodreads.) I’ve threatened to turn it into a fort on more than one occasion. And I will if I can ever figure out how to keep my cats from knocking it over as soon as I begin. (Advise on book fort building welcome in the comments below.)

Alternately, I’d make a great dragon with a hoard of books instead of gold. Although, I do have rather a large amount of jewelry too… Speaking of which, have you seen Lauren’s “Uncommon Dragon Hoards” on tumblr? They’re pretty awesome. You can buy prints too! I have a friend who might need the hoard of nail polish. I want the hoard of kittens. The hoard of books print is sold out right now, but maybe there will be more soon!

I thought you might like to see what I’m hoarding at my house in my immediate “To Read” stack. I can’t list all the unread books at my house because that is too much like making a comprehensive catalog and I just don’t have the time to do that if I’m going to get this blog posted before I leave for Chattanooga on Sunday.

So, here are the books that are most immediately in danger of being read:

scandalThe Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry  –  It sounds a bit like a cross between “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” and St. Trinian’s by Ronald Searle. The horrible headmistress and her loathsome brother have been poisoned, but if their deaths become common knowledge then the school will be closed. Since the girls don’t want to return home they set out to conceal the bodies and solve the murders before anyone in authority finds out what has been going on.

taoThe Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu – I picked this up quite awhile ago, but for some reason didn’t dive in immediately. I’m not sure what distracted me, but whatever it was probably wasn’t as good as this is going to be. An out of shape IT tech ends up with a millennia old alien inside him motivating him to improve himself and also become a secret agent in an alien civil war. How does that not sound awesome? Also, I’m pretty sure that having an alien implanted in my skull is the only way I will ever manage to get in shape, so this books is aspirational for me too.

redThe Red Queen Dies by Frankie Y. Bailey – Near-future, Alice in Wonderland infused murder mystery. Why yes, yes I will. The book is set in 2019 and a new drug has made it’s way out into the population. Taking it erases traumatic memories, which is great when it comes to treating PTSD, but has serious implications when it comes to investigating crimes. Two women are murdered by a potential serial killer and Detective McCabe is assigned to the case. “The Red Queen” is a broadway actress who might be the third victim of this killer, although McCabe isn’t sure she fits the pattern.

londonLondon Falling by Paul Cornell – I’m terrible! I got an ARC of this and I STILL haven’t read it. I just… Things happen. I’m sorry Paul. I have done nothing today to make you feel proud. (That’s an SF Squeecast in-joke for those of you who are really confused right now.) London Falling is, as far as I can tell, a murder mystery crossed with grimdark urban fantasy. So, that’s awesome.

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  1. September 25, 2014 8:27 am

    The Lives of Tao was very good.

  2. DMS permalink
    September 25, 2014 1:08 pm

    I thought you had read London Falling. There’s already a sequel out which is also awesome!

    Cornell calls it Luther meets Buffy. My take is The Wire with Supernatural Elements. The Wheel of Fortune Before and After solution is:

    Fountains of


    Spatter Analysis


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