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Jonathan Strange on Tumblr

October 20, 2014
Lady Pole on the set of the JS&MN BBC miniseries

Lady Pole on the set of the JS&MN BBC miniseries

Wherethewildnettlesgrow over on Tumblr has made a lovely score for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which I thought I would share with you. The actual post has a beautiful image as well, but here is the score track listing:

Part 1

The Library at Hurtfew (Oxford, Brideshead Revisited OST) // The Stones of York (A Thorough Education, Jane Eyre OST) // London/Drawlight and Lasclles (Passage of Time, Chocolat OST) // The Cards of Marseilles (The Deathly Hallows, Deathly Hallows OST) // The Prophecy (Cloud Atlas Opening Title, Cloud Atlas OST) // Stephen and the Gentleman (The Trolls, Frozen OST) // Lost Hope (Dance Under a Winter Sky, Spirit of the Cosmos) // The Shadow House (Disparus, Oceans OST) // Strange and Norrell (Dobby, Deathly Hallows OST) // Strange in the Peninsula (Ancestors, Being Human OST) // Strange and the King (Travel to Edinburgh, Cloud Atlas OST)
Mr Norrell on the set of the JS&MN BBC miniseries

Mr Norrell on the set of the JS&MN BBC miniseries

Part 2

Arabella on the moutains (And Just Like That, A Single Man OST) // Childermass (George’s Waltz Pt. 2, A Single Man OST) // Venice – (Polyjuice Potion, Deathly Hallows OST) // A Tincture of Madness (Winter Nights, The Girl with the Pearl Earring OST) // Eternal night (New Direction, Cloud Atlas OST) // Freeing Lady Pole (Sorcery, Frozen OST) // The Nameless Slave Will Wear a Silver Crown (Aurora Borealis, Gravity OST) // John Uskglass and Childermass (Lily’s theme, Deathly Hallows OST) // The Spell (Patronus Light, Prisoner of Azkaban OST) // Strange and Arabella/The Age of English Magic (Cloud Atlas Finale, Cloud Atlas OST)
This just showed up on my dashboard serendipitously, but then I thought I would explore what else Tumblr had for Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.
wherethewildnettlesgrow had several posts on the book. There were some very pretty image posts that are worth looking at.
There is an entire blog called jonathanstrangeandmrnorrell. It is the self proclaimed unofficial blog of the book.
Then I just did a search with the book’s title as a hashtag. And then it was a really long time later…
Have you ever gone looking for what other people are posting about a favorite book?
If you have some free time (a great deal of free time actually) I recommend looking up The Night Circus on pinterest!
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