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Day Off

October 24, 2014

Art by Autumn from Daydreams & Giggles

I’m taking a mental health day today. In the meantime, have this amazing painting of Medusa that I commissioned from Autumn at Daydreams and Giggles. Isn’t she divine? She’s based on Mami Wata.
I collect Medusas. I also got an amazing painting from Ted Naifeh at DragonCon. I have to go to a Kinko’s to get her scanned though. She’s too big for my home printer. She’s also very not safe for work, so I don’t know that I’ll post her just in case that’s not cool for people.
For some reason, Medusa just stuck in my head when I was little. I learned Greek mythology when I was very young. My mom was going back to school when I was about four and so she told me myths instead of fairy tales. Demeter was my third grade Halloween costume. So, I was a giant nerd even as a tiny child.
But Medusa… There was always something about her. (You may have noticed that I’m a fan, what with my blog name, my twitter handle, and my jewelry company name.
Is there anyone you read about when you were little who stuck with you?

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