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Book Review: Rat Queens Vol. 1

November 12, 2014

rat queensRat Queens is a comic by Kurtis Wibebe and Roc Upchurch. It’s irreverent, filthy, funny, and touching. Did I mention it was filthy? There is cussing and mention of all kinds of shenanigans. This is definitely not one for the kids!
Volume One: Sass and Sorcery introduces the four Rat Queens, who are a band of mercenaries living in a typical fantasy world.
There is Betty, a smidgen (think really raunchy hobbit or halfling). She’s the thief of the party.
Dee, a reformed blood-drinking squid cultist who channels divine spells despite being an atheist because she’s just that awesome.
Hannah, an elven mage with a serious attitude problem.
And Violet, a dwarf with no beard and the general fighter for the party.

I pretty much love all of these ladies.
The book starts with a town meeting that is discussing the problem with all the mercs in town now. Palisade has been rid of all the goblins, bandits, and various marauding bad guys, but this leaves the four teams of adventurers to drink too much and get into massively destructive bar fights. So, all four teams are given mandatory quests. If they fail, they’re exiled from Palisade.
Of course, the quests are a set up and there are assassins waiting at each of the locations. Wackiness ensues.

dragondogI love this book. Not just because it’s about four attractive ladies kicking some serious butt. There are some amazing moments dotted throughout. Betty has to deal with a possible romantic interest who just can’t deal with her line of work. Dee and Violet have both rejected their parents’ beliefs and traditions. Hannah is in love with the Captain of the Guard, who is supposed to keep her from doing all the insanely violent things she wants to do. It’s a really complex book, full of heart and questions. Also swearing and funny Orcs with beards full of bluebirds.
Also, there is a dragon-doggie and I want him to come live with me!

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