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Pocket Apocalypse by Seanan McGuire

February 24, 2015

Pocket Apocalypse (InCryptid #4) by Seanan McGuire
Publication Date: March 3
Publisher: DAW

pocket apocalypseI got an ARC of this book very early because my Penguin rep loves me. (Hi Betty! You’re the best!!!)

Seanan has done it again! In Pocket Apocalypse Alex Price, herpetologist and cryptozoologist, is on his way to Australia. His girlfriend, Shelby Tanner, a cryptozoologist in her own right, has requested his help with a werewolf outbreak back home. Since Australia is a closed ecosystem, the introduction of a feral, highly contagious, apex predator is a very dangerous thing. One werewolf could infect the entire continent in a matter of months. However, the only thing more dangerous to Alex than the werewolves could be Shelby’s family. They aren’t at all happy to have their oldest daughter dating anyone, much less an American who happens to be a Price boy. This book packs a wonder for the natural beauty of Australia in with high action, and a humorous reminder that everything in Australia wants to kill you. No, really. EVERYTHING. And that’s just the things that the normal folks know about.

ragnarokI love this book so much! There are sad things and funny things, and downright silly things. The Aeslin mice continue to be one of my favorite parts of the series. (I wonder what would happen if the Aeslin mice from the InCryptid books got together with Oberon from the Iron Druid books? Probably bloodshed, but they might bond over a shared love of food.) If you haven’t read any of the InCryptid books, you can start with Half-Off Ragnarok and then come on to Pocket Apocalypse.
The first two books focus on Verity Price, the middle child of the Price family, while these two focus on Alex. I’m assuming Antimony (the baby) will also get a run. Seanan has stated that the InCryptid series is a mult-generational story, so I think we’ve got lots of time to spend with the Prices and the Healeys.
Seanan has also, in her infinite awesomeness, given us loads of InCryptid material on her website. For free! I highly recommend you swing by there and look around. The link takes you straight to the short stories, but there is a field guide, wallpapers, and info on the novels.

Happy reading!

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