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December 12, 2015

5Hi everyone! First, a reminder that there is still plenty of time to enter my Pocket Apocalypse giveaway. A tasty and delicious Seanan McGuire book delivered straight to your door! Or whatever address you give me.

And, in that vein, I’ve started a Patreon page for this blog. There’s not pressure to go donate. This Patreon is designed to help me grow this blog. Here are what I’m shooting for:
$10/month – A second monthly giveaway. This level helps me defray the cost of the shipping for the prizes.
$25/month – Video reviews! I’ll be able to get a friend to help me shoot video reviews for books. Not all the time, just for special occasions. Like Tuesday.
$50/month – Podcast! I will finally get my reader advisory podcast off the shelf.
$100/month – I’ll go on a monthly book-related field trip! Book signings, exploration of other bookstores, conventions! All sorts of exciting places.
$200/month – If we ever get to this point I will A) faint and B) run a vote through the Patreon sponsors and do a literary cosplay at your whim. Hopefully you won’t vote for something too terrible for me to create and wear.

There are prizes! If you donate you will get delightful rewards!

$1/month – a postcard from me! It will be delightful.
$5/month – stickers! Probably book-themed, but definitely awesome.
$10/month – your choice of a crane bottle necklace or a book page pendant
$25/month – you can pick a book for me to read and review. I’ll even liveblog it if you want.

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