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The Beautiful Books of Anna Bond

December 24, 2015

One more work day to go! Birmingham was under severe weather threats all day on the 23rd, so it was a little quieter than usual for two days before Christmas, but we still moved an impressive number of books.
Today, I wanted to focus a little on some of the really beautiful editions of books. As it happens, they’re all done by the same illustrator, Anna Bond.
The Puffin in Bloom collection is a great set of children’s classics.
As I said, the cover illustrations are all done by Anna Bond, who is the creative director of Rifle Paper Co. I got an awesome calendar of queens from them for 2015. I love it so much! They don’t have the calendar anymore, but there is a collection of note cards with some of the illustrations. Guess how much I want them…

Anna also illustrated a beautiful Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Unlike the In Bloom series, this is a larger format book with full color illustrations throughout. It retails for $30 as opposed to the smaller hardcovers which run about $12.99.

You can find Anna on Twitter, Instagram,  or at the Rifle Paper Co. site.

I do not currently own any of these editions because I have all the books already. But, I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist forever. Are there any new editions of old favorites you haven’t been able to resist?

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  1. H,K. permalink
    November 5, 2020 7:37 pm

    Anna Bond clearly didn’t read the actual book, Heidi. Her Heidi is based on stereotypes of Germanic people. Also I wonder why she featured Queen Isabella I in her calendar of queens. She made her look so sweet, pretty and benign. Ever hear of the Spanish Inquisition? That queen did some pretty evil things to some of my ancestors. Oh well… how cute.

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