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Year in Review

December 31, 2015

2015 has been fraught on the political front both within the sci-fi/fantasy community and the greater stage of US politics (which is where I live.) Great strides have been made on some issues like marriage equality, while horrific losses have been inflicted on minority communities. Some of it is too big for me to fit my brain around and some of it I have very personal feelings about, which don’t fit in with the mission of this blog.
So, there’s the world.
As far as the purview of this blog goes, I’ve had some great experiences and reads.
I set a goal of reading 100 books this year, and as of today I’m at 112, so that makes me pretty happy. ::throws confetti::

Img totallargel 2xImg totallarger 2x



Img ruler 3x

SHORTEST BOOK                                                                                LONGEST BOOK

  40 pages                                                                                                           823 pages
Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth                                       Digger: The Complete Omnibus
      by Emily Haynes                                                                       by Ursula Vernon
 I got to spend some time at DragonCon with Jonathan Maberry, which is always a delight and then got to go have dinner with Dan Wells before seeing his new play in October.
I interviewed Cherie Priest for the bookstore’s webpage and I’ve got an interview with Jamie Lee Moyer that will go up in 2016.
I got to interact with a ton of authors via social media and even sent Seanan McGuire this year’s winning holiday present.

 candyThis is what I sent Seanan. It’s a candy corn Cthulhu! The painting was done by Autumn Fredericks of Daydreams and Giggles Studio.

deadMy favorite new discovery was thanks to Stephanie Burgis who mentioned the Livia Day books on Twitter. I grabbed the first one, A Trifle Dead, and was enchanted. So, yay for a delicious new mystery series! These are set in Tasmania and confirms my previously held belief that Australian authors are lovely. This series is cozy mystery at its best and I adore them.

I ran several giveaways to help spread books that I love. I’m still planning to have a giveaway a month in 2016, so I’m very excited about that. And in pursuit of that, I started a Patreon page to help cover costs from that and hopefully grow all these book-related endeavors. I’m very excited about the next year.
What was your favorite new find from 2015?
What are you most excited about tackling in 2016?

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