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The Serialist by David Gordon

January 9, 2016 Gordon’s The Serialist is about Harry Bloch, the hardest working underpaid writer in town. He turns out everything from cozy mysteries to sexy vampire novels under a variety of pseudonyms, but while they pay the rent they aren’t doing much for his self image or his mental state. So, when he gets the opportunity to ghost write a serial killer’s autobiography, he takes it.
This is a mistake.
Despite the fact that Darian Clay, the Photo Killer, is locked up, young women are getting murdered in his signature style. And Harry is caught right in the middle of it all.

I read this book years ago when it came out, but when my co-writer and I were looking for books to use for our #6secondbookreview series, we both remembered this one as a fantastic read. Gordon manages to keep a strong thread of humor as the story takes increasingly bizarre twists and turns from Bloch having to impersonate his mother for author photos to visiting some of the women who have written love letters to Clay who is on Death Row.
But, don’t let the humor fool you, this book tackles some dark, twisted corners of the human psyche. It just makes you laugh while it does it.

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