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Dragonbreath: The Frozen Menace

January 12, 2016


What I’m Reading: Dragonbreath: The Frozen Menace by Ursula Vernon
Published By: Dial Books, 2016
Read This: while eating ice cream in winter

The Frozen Menace, the last of the Dragonbreath books comes out today! Which is very exciting.
In this adventure, Danny’s fire has gone out and he, Wendell, and Christina must travel to the Farthest North to find a phoenix eggshell to reignite Danny’s fire before he turns into a dragon-cicle.
As always, Ursula has provided us with a delightful story about a dragon who is a little too impetuous to see the danger he’s in and the very, very, very loyal friends who go along to help him. The challenges they face along the way are scary, but not so scary that you’ll get nightmares. The illustrations are charming and rendered in a sort of icy green that makes one feel chilly just looking at them. A few of the pages have an all black background and they’re just lovely!
This is a great close to the series and it leaves Danny and his friends in a really good place. I’m ok with letting them continue on to have their adventures in Mythical Japan, or under the ocean, or in bat caves in South America without me looking in on them anymore.

But, if you’re upset about the thought of this series ending, I would like to remind you that I’m doing a giveaway for a SIGNED copy of Hamster Princess: Harriet the Invincible, the first book in Ursula’s new illustrated, middle-grade series. You can find all the details at this post.

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