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Plumbingpocalypse Finally Ends

January 28, 2016

I finally have my yard (mostly) back. The earth mover hasn’t been picked up yet, but that will be gone soon. The dirt is all back on the yard and covered in pine straw. I can engage in activities requiring plumbing with no reservations.
The final toll was much more money than I would like to think about.
The plants are pretty much toast.
I had five roses, two hibiscus trees, two azaleas, a peony, numerous bulbs, bee balm plants, and wild flowers.
After the plumbingpocalypse I may still have two roses. I’m not actually sure. One of them is now half the size it was and leaning at a 50 degree angle. The other one was uprooted and put back down elsewhere, so we’ll see.
I will now be starting a vigorous campaign to get friends, family, and amiable strangers to give me plants to cover the vast wasteland that is my front yard.

All of it will be worth it when I take a hot shower tonight, though.


My Hamster Princess Giveaway has ended. My next giveaway will start on February 1. This time, because I wanted to do another pink book, I’m giving away a copy of Prudence: The Custard Protocol #1 by Gail Carriger.

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