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Chaos Choreography By Seanan McGuire

January 30, 2016


What I’m Reading: Chaos Choreography by Seanan McGuire
To Be Published: March 1, 2016
Read This: while practicing the tango.

Virginia, our Penguin sales rep, became one of my favorite people when a packaged arrived at Little Professor. This package contained an ARC of the fifth InCryptid novel, Chaos Choreography. I did a little happy dance around the store, clutching the book to my chest. And then I went home and devoured it.
For everyone else, it comes out March 1. I will pick it up on audio at release and listen to it immediately. So far, four is the average number of times I have read/listened to any of the InCryptid books. So, you could say, I like these.

Chaos Choreography opens with Verity happily married to Dominic, the ex-Covanant boy and somewhat happily living in her parents’ house with him. All of that is thrown into chaos when she gets a message on an old email address inviting her to a reunion season of Dance or Die, the television show she almost won with her alter ego, Valerie Pryor. But it would be insanely dangerous for her to go on national television now that the Prices are back on the Covenant’s radar. Right?
So, of course, she goes with Dominic and a splinter colony of Aeslin mice in tow. But now Verity has to slip back into a persona she hasn’t used in over a year. Valerie isn’t such a good fit anymore and dancing isn’t the only thing she wants to do with her life. Which is why, when two of the eliminated dancers turn up murdered and then the bodies mysteriously vanish before anyone notices, Verity is absolutely ready to backburner Valerie in order to deal with the latest supernatural threat.

It’s not difficult to get me to love a book by Seanan McGuire. She pretty much just has to write it and make it available for me to get. But I especially adore Verity. She got under my skin with her first book and pretty much stayed there. I love Alex and I’m looking forward to finding out more about Antimony, but Verity is my first love. And this is Verity getting to do what she loves, fight monsters and dance the sort of tango that could set your panties on fire.
This book has the emotional hit that Midnight Blue-Light Special did while keeping everything that has always made this series great. We also get introduced to a few new cryptids and another member of the Price family. As always, family with the Prices is something… special.

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