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Over Your Dead Body

May 3, 2016

Over-Your-Dead-BodyToday is the day!
The best day.
The day I have been waiting for for… a really, really long time.
Today, Over Your Dead Body by Dan Wells comes out!

But Sara, why is that so special?
Well, reader, let me tell you…

#1. Over Your Dead Body is book 5 in the John Wayne Cleaver series; the series we thought we would only ever have three of. And yet, there is a book 5 now.

#2. After the last JWC book (The Devil’s Only Friend) I really, really, really needed to know what happened next. (I do, in fact, know already. Because I got an ARC and read it. But YOU couldn’t read it until today and (for once) I didn’t want to be smug about that.)


Brandon Sanderson is NOT in the book with me. Probably. As far as you know… ^.^

#3. I’m in it. Like, as a character. Me, myself, with my actual name.
“Wow,” you might be thinking to yourself. “Dan Wells must really like you to put you in his book!”
Well, actually, no. I mean, as far as I know, he likes me just fine. I did make him a maple bacon pecan pie that one time. And got him carrot cake that other time. (I buy affection with food.) But he didn’t put me in the book out of some sort of carbohydrate induced stupor. I bought what’s known as a Tuckerization.

These are usually sold as part of a fundraiser and basically gets you a small cameo in an author’s forthcoming story.


So, I’m special, but mostly because I jumped on a charity item he had listed before someone else could get it. Still gonna ride this one into the ground.
And yes, I have been using that as a selling point when recommending the series to customers in the store. “You should buy this because I’m in book 5!”
It’s surprising how often it works. Either the customers like me or they’re hoping something really bad happens to me since it is a horror series…

So, you should go buy it now if you haven’t already.
Here, let me give you some options for that:
Macmillan’s Website
Audible if you’d like to listen to it
Amazon, if that’s your thingPowell’s if you like to shop indie
Or you can call the store I work at (205-870-7461) and I’ll send you one and sign it for you if you want me to. I don’t know why you’d want that, but if you do, I am here for you. And your credit card. ^.^

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