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Pokemon Go

July 19, 2016

Everyone else has had a Pokemon Go post, so here is mine.

I started playing a little over a week ago. I’m very lazy about it though, so my Pokemon are not especially impressive. But, I’ve got the three available eevee evolutions, so I’m pretty happy.

The bookstore is a pokestop, which helps a bunch since I haven’t had the time to go walk much.
So, why am I, an adult woman, playing Pokemon Go? Well…
I like to collect things.
I like things that look like they would make adorable stuffed animals.

ingressYeah… that’s basically it. They’re cute and I can get medals for collecting them.
I also enjoy Ingress, which is Niantic’s previous augmented reality game. So the idea of wandering around with my phone up and then doing specific stuff at random locations isn’t really new to me.
The idea is to get more exercise. And it kind of works. A little bit. Hopefully, with two games that encourage walking, I’ll actually start to get a reasonable amount of exercise.

What about you? Are you playing either of these games? Or something else entirely? (One thing that’s great about both games is that you can listen to audiobooks while the game apps are open. I got through a couple of chapters of Stiletto on my last poke-hunt.

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