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November is Packed

November 1, 2016

It’s November. There are all kinds of things going on and I’m in the middle of several of them.nano

NaNoWriMo has started. I’m going to give that a try again this year. I’m working on a Fairy Tale ABC this year. So, it’s not really a novel, more a collection of short

#bloglikecrazy is also happening. This is a challenge that was started by an awesome woman here in Birmingham. Javacia is an inspiration! She’s got her own blog, WriteousBabe, and is also the founder and editor of See Jane Write.
Blog Like Crazy is a daily blogging challenge for November.img_2697
I’m also doing the #grimdragon November Challenge. This is abook-based photo challenge over on Instagram. It’s hosted by grimdark_dad and the_infinite_book_dragon. There are daily prompts and most of the participants put together elaborate vignettes. Mine aren’t that impressive, but I did the October challenge and had a ton of fun.
Today’s prompt is: GOALZZZ! November TBR Pile.

makeoverWhich, leads me to the last, and most exciting part of November – Dan Wells has a new book coming out on November 15. And my bookstore is hosting the launch party!
Extreme Makeover starts off with a health and beauty company that has accidentally created a lotion that can overwrite your DNA. Naturally, the executives think they have the best product on the market. Who wouldn’t want to use a lotion that could turn them into someone else?
The various governments around the world see a way to create the perfect soldier. And then recreate them again and again.
And that is what apocalypses are made of.

We’ll be having Dan at the store to do a signing and chat with folks. I also went to LUSH and they gave us some lotion samples to give out. 100% guaranteed NOT to alter your DNA in any way!
If anyone would like a signed, personalized copy of any of Dan’s books shipped out, you can call ((205)870-7462) or email the store ( to place an order.

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