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Being Awesome and an Apology

December 1, 2014

Hi Guys,
Obviously, I’ve been gone for a bit. I’m having some trouble with tendinitis (or something very similar, I haven’t gone to the doctor because I’m stubborn.) So, typing is fairly painful right now. I’ll try to get all my gift guides up soon though.
In the meantime, here are some ways you can be  awesome this holiday season:

give a book


Use the hashtag #giveabook on Facebook or Twitter and Penguin Random House will will donate a book to Save the Children up to 25,000 books!
There’s also a video challenge you can do if that’s your thing.


This is a charity started by author Patrick Rothfuss that benefits Heifer International. There are auctions for really great prizes. There is a lottery that you’re automatically entered into for every $10 you donate.
Heifer International is fantastic! They empower families by giving them animals that they can create a sustainable industry around. You can donate at the Worldbuilders site or I have my own fundraising page!

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