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December 3, 2014

I mentioned Worldbuilders in my Being Awesome post. Pat Rothfuss posted a blog entry today extending the Worldbuilders deadline until December 15, which is cool. It gives you lots more time to donate. He also posted a fantastic story about a particular prize from the Worldbuilders lottery.

Image from Patrick Rothfuss

Image from Patrick Rothfuss

In 2008 Neil Gaiman donated a signed, numbered, slipcovered ARC of StardustIt came in a little late to be used the first year so in 2009 Pat put it in the lottery. It was won and donated back to the charity.
In 2010 it was acutioned off, won, and donated back to the charity.
In 2011 it was back in the lottery, won, and donated back to the charity.
In 2012 the SAME PERSON who won it in 2011 won it again. She donated it back.
In 2013 it was won in the lottery, donated back, and is now in the lottery for 2014.
That’s some amazing stuff right there. Pat tells the story better than I can so you should go read his post.
But I just thought I’d share the story of a book that has done so much good.

Also, even if you don’t win this copy you should A) absolutely donate to Worldbuilders and B) go pick up a copy of Stardust. I HIGHLY recommend the version with Charles Vess illustrations.

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