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Visiting Little Shop of Stories 

October 13, 2015

Last week, on Wednesday, I got to go to Decatur, Ga to the Little Shop of Stories. Ursula Vernon, M.A. Larson, and Rob Harrell were there for the Once Upon a Chapter Tour. I did not end up taking any photos of the authors, because that would have been logical. But I did get lots of photos of the bookstore!

The store itself is very cool. It’s set right in the Decatur Square area, which has coffee shops, shopping, and restaurants. I also found a great store called Locally Grown, which is an artists’ co-op. I spent far too much money and got some awesome stuff there.

I think my favorite part of Little Shop of Stories were all the posters that visiting authors/illustrators have done. The ceilings in the shop are very high, which makes it the perfect display space for these great pieces. I’d love to do something like that at LP, but we just don’t have the wall space. Maybe we could run them up the columns around the balcony? Hmm… something to think about.

From what I could tell, the store is mostly kids’ books, but there was a good selection of recent and popular adult titles for all the parents that bring their kids in to shop. They’ve also got some great events going on. I think they probably partner with lots of schools, so authors come, talk to the school kids, and then do a signing at the store in the evening.

What are your favorite bookstores?


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