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Home Read #02 – Chasing the Phoenix

October 14, 2015

I finished Speak Easy today and started on my next book. Speak Easy was very good, and ended up being a little more alt history than I was entirely expecting. Although, I can’t tell you how without spoiling it, so I shan’t.


My current read is:  Chasing the Phoenix by Michael Swanwick
Published by: Tor Books, 2015
Cover Illustration: Stephan Martiniere
Read This: With your favorite dog nearby and (possibly) The Princess Bride on in the background.

I picked this up at LP at the urging of a coworker who really likes Michael Swanwick. I previously tried to read The Dragons of Babel, but it was a little dark for me. So I’m approaching this one with a bit of trepedation.
Chasing the Phoenix is set in a post-Utopian China. The world, as far as I can tell, has passed through a technological golden age and has returned to something like the 1700’s. It seems to be swords and rifles and a foot-traffic, but there are the occasional mechanical wonders unearthed from vaults and medical magic passed down from ones ancestors is a possibility.
The protagonist is a genetically-modified dogman from Vermont. (Apparently, there is still a Vermont.) He’s the shorter one on the cover, although, from what I’ve read so far, he’s average height for a man, if not tall. The other guy on the cover is currently dead, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. (It’s not a spoiler. It’s the opening paragraph of the book. And it’s on the flyleaf.) I’m only on page 28 though, so I shall report back as I go.

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