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House Read: The Real Macaw

December 26, 2015

macawWhat I’m Reading: The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, 2011
Cover Artist: not sure, I’m reading this in galley and it doesn’t have the attribution. 
Read This: When you’re feeling bad about your civic leaders.

It turns out that I somehow missed a Donna Andrews book! I have no idea how this happened, but I never actually read The Real Macaw, which is number thirteen in the series, which makes it my favorite by default because I love the number thirteen. I’ve had the ARC for it since 2011, apparently. (This tells you how bad the book situation in the house is.)
Honestly, when I picked this up I thought, “Of course I’ve read this one. But it’ll be a nice little mental break at the end of the holiday rush.” But, as I read along I realized that I didn’t actually know what was happening. The broad outlines, sure, but not the details. Not, for example, the actual cause of and solution to the central murder. So, yay me! I get a new Donna Andrews book almost a year early.
So, a quick summary: Meg and Michael are settled into having new twins and doing a fairly good job of it when Meg hears some suspicious noises downstairs one night after a 2AM feeding. It turns out that the male members of the Langslow clan have raided the county animal shelter and are hiding all the liberated animals in her living room.
The county manager has decreed that the animal shelter is going to be closed and all animals euthanized. Hence the midnight rescue. However, the getaway vehicle failed to arrive so the guys decided to stash the animals at Meg’s house. When Chief Burke shows up before dawn, they find out that Parker, the driver, has been murdered.

These books are always delightful. They are light and fun and help me take my mind off anything stressful going on. If you like cozy mysteries, I highly recommend them.
Speaking of things that are fun, author Sarah Gailey has started watching the Star Wars movies for the first time ever and has been livetweeting about them. This is pure gold. If you’ve seen the movies and like them, or even if you don’t, please, please go read her tweets. Here is a sample (warning for expletives)



Also, I trust her because her name is Sarah.

And she’s driving Sunil crazy…

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