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Sarah Gailey is a Gift

December 27, 2015

azizI’ve just started Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, but I just started it, so I don’t have much to say about it yet. It’s interesting so far and some of it sounds very familiar, although I’m not particularly active on dating apps, so I can’t speak to those anecdotes. More on that tomorrow as I make more progress.
Now, for the real topic of the night. Sarah Gailey and Star Wars.
I mentioned yesterday that I had been following her Star Wars live tweets as she watched the original trilogy for the first time. She finished “Return of the Jedi” tonight and it was beautiful.
She has, because she is an angel, collected these marvelous artifacts of pop culture gold in a Storify.
A New Hope: Space Voldemort vs Whiny Space Criminals
The Empire Strikes Back (finally): Capes vs Cloaks
Return of the Jedi
(now with murderbears!): Luke is Disappointing 

I am 100% planning to nominate these tweets for the 2016 Hugo for Best Related Work. They are delightful. They are funny. They are getting me through the post-holiday slump. And you should go read them.
(She’s currently debating watching the prequels. On the one hand, YES! On the other hand, I really hate those movies…)

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